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Welcome to Guilford Little League!


Please stay tuned as this page will be updated soon for 2016.

Planning for the season is in full motion.  Please review some of our updated links:

GLL Membership Meetings:
The GLL Membership Meetings take place on the first Monday of every month at the Nathaniel Greene Community Center. The meetings generally start at 7:30 PM and all are welcome. This is your chance to learn about and contribute to the league.

Opening Day Parade and Ceremony:

The parade is on April 25th 2015. Players, families, coaches and friends gather on the Green to prepare at 7:30 and you will hear from your coach regarding details. The players and coaches march up State Street and wave to the fans lining the street working their way towards the Adams School fields.  The ceremony takes place on Field A. Team and player photographs will be taken on this day at Adam's School from 9-11.

Fields and Facilities:

  • There is a full service Concession Stand at Adams Fields.  Also Men's and Lady's bathrooms.
  • All other fields have portable toilets but no water or snack facilities. BYO.
  • There are two fields at Adams, A (closest to the school) and B (behind Field A).
  • There are three fields at Baldwin, A (closest to the road furthest from the school), B (closest to the school) and C (far corner, closest to the woods)
  • The field at Calvin Leete is behind the school next to the soccer field
  • Bittner has two baseball fields:  A (on top of the hill next to the adult softball field) and B (bottom of the hill farthest from parking lot) and two softball fields: C (bottom of the hill left of the lot) and the adult field on top of the hill.
  • AW Cox field is behind the school.


Most of the necessary equipment is provided by the league (Catcher’s gear, individual batting helmets, team bats, balls, uniforms).  Gloves, cleats and other gear are purchased by the player.  Some players choose to purchase their own bats.

Post Season Tournaments:

Guilford Little League is proud of our history and our All Star teams’ performance when representing our town in the annual post season tournaments. 

GLL puts forward five Baseball and two Softball teams every year. Baseball fields a 9-10 District Team, a 9-10 Tournament Team, a 10-11 District Team, an 11-12 Tournament Team and an 11-12 District Team. Softball submits a 9-10 and an 11-12 District Team.

We pride ourselves in the unbiased manner in which the teams are chosen and strive to ensure that there is never a hint of impropriety in our selection process.

At the end of the regular season, candidates for each level are invited to attend an All Star evaluation practice. There is a Minors AAA (Rookie) practice at Bittner Park and a Majors practice at Adams School. These events are attended by all coaches in each league. The players who are invited to participate are chosen by their regular season teammates using secret ballots. At the practice, the coaches watch and individually assess and score the players on their performance.   The teams are chosen that evening by tallying the scores for each player. The teams are announced and then begin to compete in various tournaments.

Fall Baseball and Softball: 

After All Stars, Guilford Little League manages and contributes to an excellent Fall program.  The league runs from September to November and our older teams play neighboring towns (Madison, Clinton, Branford, North Branford, Clinton, Essex, etc...).  "Fall Ball" provides a fantastic platform for our children to hone their skills and experience competing against teams from other towns.  All games are played on weekends.  All Majors Baseball games are played at Adams School.  Minors AAA (Rookie) Baseball teams play at Bittner and at other town's fields.  All Minors AA (Farm) games are held in town and played by teams within GLL.  Softball fields Majors, Minors AAA (Rookie) and Minors AA (Farm) teams, games are played at Lakes Elementary, Bittner C and at other town's fields.    Minors AAA and Majors teams are formed using the draft process and players play at the level for which they would qualify the following Spring Season.


We hope that this clears many of the questions you may have. You can also contact any board member (e-mail addresses are found in the Contacts section) with any other inquiry or concern. Again, welcome to Guilford Little League and see you on the field!!