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Inclement Weather:

GLL fields are managed by the town of Guilford. If the Parks / Rec Department closes fields then games will not be played on that day in Guilford. The Parks / Rec Department usually decides on field conditions usually by 3:00pm or no later than 4:00pm.  Coaches should be on standby during the afternoon of games/practices.  Coaches should send an email to the team as soon as possible after receiveing word that fields are closed. This website will be updated as well if the fields are closed. Look for a scrolling message at the top of the website.  If there is no message on the Parks / Recs Weather line then fields are open. 

When fields are open the decision to play is up to the Coach or Coaches of the teams.  

Parks / Rec Weather line:
Weather line: (203) 453-8134

This applies to games in Guilford only. If you are playing out of town please let your team know the status.

Adams Field Preparations:

The home team on Adams A is responsible for having parents work in the snack bar. 
The home team coaches are responsible for any field prep as needed. 
The visiting team needs to provide a volunteer to work the scoreboard.


When playing on Adams B field, the home team coaches are responsible for field prep and providing a volunteer for the scoreboard.


The coaches will have keys to the bathrooms and score shack on B field. 


How to set up the scoreboard:

First, the breakers for the scoreboards need to be turned on.  The breaker panel in located in a grey box under the A field scoreboard.  Breakers are labeled for both fields.  First person there, energize both breakers.


A field: The computer controlling  the scoreboard is in the snack shack on the shelf.  The window cover doubles as the table for the score keeper.  It is held in with barrel bolts and easily lowers down to become the table.  The computer is already plugged, just needs to be turned on. To work the scoreboard program, select the short cut on the desktop.  A window will appear to select which scoreboard to use.  Select the first one and hit the load button.  Lights on the scoreboard will come on and you will have full control using the touch pad on the computer.


B field: Open the windows and pin the back with the installed hooks.  The extension cord needs to be run through the window and plugged into the outlet located on the pole between the shack and the backstop.  Working the program is the same as above, except the selection of which board to use.  Select and load #2 from the drop down.  If something goes wrong, refer to the instruction posted on the wall on your left.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  When games are over. All equipment need to be turned off stored and locked.