Aehra electric car created panic

Friends, the way electric-powered automobiles are prevailing in the hearts and minds of everyone all over the world and a very fast revolution is being seen and you see in the mobile sector, friends, the demand for electric automobiles is also increasing day by day and the entire Their demand in the world’s markets is increasing rapidly, due to which some new company is seen launching one of its great and best features electric car every day. And not only talk about two-wheelers,

then we would like to tell you that in a country like India, but two-wheelers are also liked so much that there is no end to say that now the number of electric two-wheelers in India is increasing day by day. And the number of people who want them is also increasing and all the vehicle manufacturers are seen launching not only electric cars but also electric scooters and electric bikes with the best features. But today we are going to have a different sharing with you, because today in this article a new company has started its startup, in which it has made its first electric car, which is not less than anyone to see, but also to drive, in which you And a bigger display is seen than all the cars and which makes this car very different and special from all the works.

How long do EV batteries last?

133,000 miles.

Will an EV last 10 years?

last 10-20 years,

Which EV has the best battery?

Tesla Model S

Friends, we are talking about the Baehra electric car which is being presented with its luxurious and attractive look, this car is very stylish and attractive in appearance and is seen with its luxurious and attractive look and sporty look. See, this car was launched in the market in October 2022 and at the same time its booking also started and all those who had come for booking at that time have now been delivered. But do you know about the features of this new electric Aehra car which makes it different from other cars,

then let us know that this car has been made keeping in mind the customer care needs. See, would like to tell you that aehra electric car is a comfortable car, it means to say that this car has been introduced by the company from a very comfortable point of view and that is why this car is better than all the cars seen in the market so far. The screen that it has is quite big.

See friends, its screen can be divided into three different parts, it depends on your wish and this is the number one thing to make the car even more luxurious. See, there are many such devices in the Indian market. There are excellent and stylish electric cars which are very much liked in the country and whose demand is also high and in the meantime if we talk about Aehra electric car which is going to be launched soon in the Indian market,

along with this we will tell you Would like that in this electric car, you get to see a great stylish look along with tremendous features. Would like to tell you that the biggest feature of this electric car is the screen present in the dashboard. Look, I would like to tell you that in an electric car, if you talk about the speed related to the driver, then you should tell that it is a car capable of giving a good speed and apart from this, the screen shows the pictures of the two front side cameras and it interacts with each other. It also becomes a home theatre by adding. The cabinet itself is luxurious and luxurious. The cabin of this new electric car has ample legroom and full reclining seats. Friends would like to tell you that Aehra Electric Car is capable of giving a range of 800 kms.

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