Do you know about the features and other specifications of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 car?

Friends, once again we are going to share with you about the country’s largest vehicle manufacturer Hyundai. Hyundai is a well-known automobile manufacturer that is among the largest selling cars in India. You get the fans of Hyundai in India in a very long and high category because Hyundai has launched one of its great cars in India, whose response is also very good to the people, see the way many vehicle manufacturers are making their electric cars. Is engaged in the segment of vehicles and many companies have also launched their electric vehicles and many other companies are now preparing to launch their electric vehicles,

due to which even the smallest and largest vehicle manufacturers are also able to launch their electric vehicles. It is getting very conscious and the direct benefit of which the customer is getting, this question must have arisen in your mind that what is the benefit of this to the customer, then tell you that the way all the companies have a lot of competition among themselves. Due to which the automobiles company is launching one to one great and good range electric car at low prices, so customers are benefited,

who are getting a good electric car within their budget, let’s talk like this. In today’s article Hyundai Would like to tell you about the great SUV electric car that Hyundai has also unveiled its new electric SUV Ioniq. Which is a very luxurious and electric car from Hyundai, see the company has also provided some initial information about Ionic 5, so on the basis of that information we are going to tell you that there was some information related to the battery of the luxurious electric SUV.

Let the car use a 72.6 kWh Lithium Ion battery which is going to be capable of delivering a range of 400 kilometers in just 5 minutes. You have seen how luxurious this new electric SUV car of Undai is going to be. In this car, you are also being given a music system of high end audio speakers for entertainment. As entertainment is an important part of one’s life, without which a person’s life becomes mine, look at the convenience of entertainment as well, very special care has been taken in the Hyundai Electric SUV car and this car can be converted from gang to gang in just 5 seconds. Can hold a speed of 100 km as an electric car,

so the company claims that it is capable of giving a range of 631 km to its customers on a single charge. So see Hyundai that this electric Ionic 5 car is capable of giving a better range, let us tell you that this new Ionic 5 car of Hyundai is going to compete fiercely with many other electric cars. See, this electric SUV is also equipped with Level 2 ADAS features, in which you have been given a lot of advanced technology features.

See here the electric SUV is going to be very luxurious and it is a very good electric SUV car for the fans of Hyundai and apart from this you will get 12.3 inch touchscreen infotainment system, 6 ear back, wireless Android Auto, Boss sound system, Apple Carplay in the car. Such great features have been given. Hyundai Ionic 5 Electric SUV car is really a capable havoc in all its segments and as we just told you that it is capable of giving a range of 631 kms due to which it is becoming very popular and people are quite fond of Hyundai Ionic 5. You are getting more impressed because modern features are also being made available to you in this.

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