know about baseball game rules

See, most everyone likes to play games, whether it is a real game or an online game, but today we are going to talk about America’s national game baseball, and friends, in this article today we will tell. If would you like to know about the rules of playing baseball, then stay connected with this article of ours, rules of Ujhani baseball game.

baseball is a very successful and international game

See what kind of game is on baseball which has been going on for a long time and is present in the format of the game to date. You would like to tell that baseball is a very successful and international game. Would like to tell you that a baseball game is played between two teams. In each team consists of 9 players. See friends,

playing baseball lasts for innings and each team alternates between batting and fielding in each inning. The field is divided into two parts, the infield and the outfield. And separating these two infields and outfields is a diamond shape with four bases that are each 90 feet apart and the pitching mound in the centre of the infield where the pitcher stands and serves the ball to the batter. Looks like throwing. See, talk about the rules of the team,

try after innings then an extra

then would like to tell you that when the player of the team does not hit the ball three times in a row, he is out and each team has 3 outs per innings before the roles are swapped. and each inning is divided into a header where the away team bats and a bottom where the home team bats. see if play continues to try after innings then an extra inning is added until a winner is found and this day the team batting second at the bottom of the Sunday is already ahead on points so they have to complete their batting innings There is no need. And if the batter manages to hit the ball off the pitcher, they must at least attempt to reach first base. A batsman can make up to 3 strikes before being dismissed and a strike is considered when a batsman swings for the ball and misses.

See let’s talk about fly out so what is flyout then you would like to tell that flyout is when a batsman hits the ball in the air and does not involve the balls specified as line drive and an opposing defender grounds it Or catches it before hitting the flood.

In the game of baseball, the bowler has to throw the ball directly to the batman without hitting it and the batman has to hit the ball from his bed and run to the other end and the ground playing the baseball is diamond-shaped. In there are bases at the four corners and the batsman has to hit the ball with his bat and run to the number two base he will count the number of runs he covers in one go and in the end the team that scores the most gets that. The team’s victory is considered.

See, there are also basements in baseball, which stand on all three bases, and batsmen also stand near the basement, and apart from this, there are more fielders in the ground, which help to stop Paul, but if a batsman continuously If he does not hit three balls, then he is considered out and if a pitcher throws the ball outside the hitting area for three consecutive times, then the batsman gets a free wicket and the batsman has to send his belly to hit the ball. He leaves and runs towards another country. A baseball playing field is also called a ball field or baseball diamond.

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