What is causing the problem with the Tesla supercharger being used in other electric cars?

See friends, Tesla’s name is famous all over the world. Which is an American electric automobile vehicle manufacturer. Talking about the CEO of Tesla, we would like to tell you that Mr. Alan Musk is the CEO of Tesla and he is also not a common man. For your information, we would like to tell you that Mr. Alan Musk is the richest person in the world. See friends, Tesla’s electric cars are ruling the whole world and automatically making a home in the hearts of all people,

it means to say that you are slowly seeing the revolution of electric cars all over the world. Among them, Tesla is by far the most revolutionary car. And it is clear from this that Tesla’s car is really an electric car, but have you ever wondered how these cars are charged.

See friends, for your information, we would like to tell you that the way Tesla cars are electric cars, there are many types of solutions for charging them, such as super charger stations, home charging stations, handheld ball connectors, etc. Ways Tesla’s cars are charged. But friends, do you know that you can also charge types of Tesla’s supercharger stations. Yes friends, for your information, we would like to tell you that America based electric car manufacturer Tesla is the largest electric car company in the world and its charging network is called Supercharger and it gives players the ability to charge very quickly.

For your information, we would like to tell you that the decision has not limited its supercharger network only to Tesla electric vehicles, but Tesla’s super charger network is now capable of providing charging facilities to electric vehicles of other companies as well. Which is a very good thing, but do you know that even though other cars are charged with these superchargers of Tesla, a problem and a problem has come to the fore.

So what is that problem, then see friends, Tesla’s super chargers are very good for charging network for charging electric cars of other companies, but now a problem has come to the fore and till now little is known about this problem. People know and many people are unaware of this problem. So see friends, in today’s Sathikalam,

we are going to tell you what problems are being faced by Tesla’s super charging network in the electric cars of other companies. See, although Tesla’s supercharger network was designed keeping in mind the left vehicles of Tesla, but now the decision is charging other cars as well, so see that the charging port in the vehicles is on the left side at the back. And as we just told you that Tesla’s super charging network was designed keeping Tesla electric cars in mind,

the problem arises that there is no problem in having all Tesla vehicles at the supercharger station but Tesla is now extending the Supercharger network to other electric cars as well. But the problem that is coming in other cars is that in these other electric cars, the ports cannot be on the right side at the back, middle left or right or in the center at the front, and in such a situation, electric cars of different companies can be connected simultaneously. Tesla superchargers are unable to charge vehicles and supercharger stations have trouble charging at the same time.

Or this is the main reason that there is a problem in charging other electric cars from Tesla’s electric charging station because the charging port in the works of Tesla is given on the left side at the back but in other cars the charging port is on the back side. Is given in the right, left or center due to which Tesla’s super charger network is unable to charge these cars.

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