Which Is The Cheapest Car Of Tesla?

The Model 3 has a formal starting price of $39,990 for its Standard Range Plus option, making it Teslas least expensive vehicle yet. The Standard Range Plus is Teslas most affordable car, at just $41,190 for the purchase price (delivery included) with a driving range estimated at 263 miles. The Tesla Model S now has a starting price of $79,990 for its Long Range option, which is over $10,000 higher than its previous starting price.

As the base model in the lineup of four cars, the brands least expensive model could be an affordable choice for some, and is the only Tesla to fall below the $50,000 barrier. While the more affordable Tesla has been a runaway hit, the recently introduced five-seat crossover SUV, the Model Y, could end up beating it, even though it does come with a steeper $53,990 sticker price (and the steeper $53 price tag goes only up from there).

Teslas most affordable vehicle is just getting pricier, whereas other EVs are selling just as well while its price has dropped. The least affordable Model 3, which is currently selling at $46,990, followed up on this months price increase, making the entry-level Tesla car 34% more expensive than it was three years ago. With a base model selling at $35,000, the Tesla Model 3 is Teslas first effort at a truly mass-market electric vehicle that would attract auto shoppers across all budgets. The Model 3 currently starts at a little less than $50,000, and starting it around $30,000 would bring this hypothetical new Tesla into competition with the least expensive new EVs you can buy today.

When it goes on sale, the new Tesla Roadster is going to be the pricier model, with a projected buy price around $200,000. According to the Tesla website, you can order the lowest-end model from the company at $44,990, not including any potential savings. Tesla says that Model 3 rear-wheel-drive goes zero-to-60 in 5.8 seconds, and that it has a robust EPA-rated 272-mile range, but its new $44,990 tag seems somewhat surprising, considering that the standard plus was $36,990 only one year ago.

Unfortunately, Tesla is no longer making the standard-range Model 3, which has a $35,000 base price (as mentioned at the top of this post), so there is unlikely to be a lot of those in the used-Tesla market going forward. Model 3 long range starts at $57,990, and the Performance model 3 will set you back $62,990 if you do not add any upgrades. In terms of the newest cars available in certain price points, a new Model Y from Tesla costs $41,990, the long-range Model Y with AWD costs $49,990, and the Performance Model Y with AWD costs $59,990.

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