Why ads are not showing on our web story and no clicks are coming

See, sometimes we work on such a topic in which ads are not shown, that is, there is no advertising money in it, neither the advertiser pays for that thing, nor any of Google’s ads are shown in any way. If it is, then you have to work on such a topic, on which you run ads, as well as if you work on a trading topic, then Google does not understand what is this topic, how many bids are there and what is its CPC. If it is a trending topic also CPC is less and it is not available at all, as well as we would like to tell you that sometimes we make a story of fewer slides, that is, if you also make a story of four to five slides.

you can also make a story of 15 to 20 slide

What will happen to him, what will happen to you, your ad shows will not be there, when your ad shows will not be there, then you will not generate revenue at all, then you can also make a story of 15 to 20 slide, when you do this, your There will be more than 800 nets,

when you have AIDS, then your revenue will also be generated in a very good way, as well as we would like to tell you that With the help of this site, you can add ads to Google Ads, which will be beneficial that Google Ads will be shown very easily and well every time, which should be on the commodity topic,

you will get 100% show

that topic will be shown 100%, as well as tell you Would like to have a topic that should be for you only when the traffic asked for you will come, then only that you can generate more and more common revenue on the bag story, if you research the topic and create a debit story, that is, now bean juice or Any other tool like H wrap tool, you will make whatever story you want

, then you will get 100% benefit, that is, you will get 100% show inside your babe story, that is, there will be a slide inside when any person will see you. will see that means if your studio will also see then the seed is not an ad in it, when you will see the ad then your main will not revert but will be generated very easily.

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